All the Bright Places Storyboard

Updated: 5/22/2020
All the Bright Places Storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • Mr Black assigns and gives details on the project. Violet and Finch are sitting in the desks in the middle. Finch is wearing red, Violet is wearing blue. Camera moves through the middle and gets closer as Mr Black is explaining the project. Lighting is neutral.
  • Camera shifts from the back to the front of the class. No music is being played. Finch stands up(all eyes are on him) Asks if chosing partners is an option. Teacher replies yes. Lighting remains neutral.
  • Camera does a close-up shot on finch. No nondiegetic music. Finch faces Violet and askes her to be his partner. The other students begin whispering to each other (diegetic sound). Lighting remains neutral.
  • Camera pans to Violet as she reacts. Violet gets red in the face and gets flustered. Voilet then tries to refuse by offering to do the assignment a different way in a nervous tone of voice. lighting remains neutral.
  • Camera cuts to Mr. Black. Mr. Black then refuses Voilets offer then takes a seat in his chair behind the desk. The rest of the students in the class begin to mumble (diegetic sound). Lighting remains neutral
  • (camera shifts to over finches shoulder) Finch is turnig his body towards Violet, Violet then appears more upset and sinks into her chair and faces away from Finch. Scene ends with the school bell rigning and class ending.