Storyboard-Game creation
Updated: 12/17/2020
Storyboard-Game creation

Storyboard Text

  • Beginning: The story takes place with a kid named John who is moved to a new school and is being bullied. Everyday on his way to school he is bullied by these three kids that don't like John very much. John is very brought down by the fact that they hate on him and they do not like him. He just wants to make friends but instead is being teased for every little thing about him such as the way he looks, dresses, and smells.
  • Conflict: John one day decides he is going to stand up for himself and fight back towards the bullies. But when the bullies here about john trying to retaliate back they become very mad and when john least expects ii the bullies have three people against john that don't like him. John is outnumbered three to one and must escape before he is badly hurt or effect by them.
  • Ending: When some people at school hear about what is happening to John they come to defend him and help him escape before the bullies can get to him eventually john decides that he doesn't want his real friends to protect him and grabs a bunch of traps and he lures the bullies into a door where they are not able t get out. John teaches them lesson and says he will hurt them if they every try and hurt his feelings again. The bullies were scared and John being the good person he is let them out and after that the bullies never hurt john again.
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