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Essam Science Assesment
Updated: 10/5/2020
Essam Science Assesment
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  • Everyone will choose a partner and then will discuss with them on which cell organelle is the most important
  • They are found in all the type of cells too.
  • Ribosomes are the protein synthesis, they are the places where protein is made, surely it is the most important cell organelle
  • No Tom, the golgi apparatus is more important because it modifies and packages the protein, which is more important than the ribosomes function
  • They are made up of parallel sacs but they arent connected which helps it do its function
  • Without it, everything would get mixed up, and anything can get inside or outside the cell without approval.
  • The cell membrane is the most important cell organelle because it controls what goes inside and outside the cell
  • Lysosomes are way more important, they remove wastes and are also responsible for digestion of worn out parts of the cell without it we would all die instantly.
  • So what was everyone's answer
  • Ribosomes is the most important
  • No the golgi apparatus is more important
  • The Cell membrane is the most important because it keeps order
  • Without Lysosomes we will die it is more important
  • Every Cell organelle needs the other so that the body can be healthy, they are all important.
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