tom walker
Updated: 5/5/2018
tom walker
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  • Yes you do, liar.
  • I don't have any money.
  • No way this is happening.
  • Come here Tom, I have a deal for you!
  • The devil just offered me a big treasure only if i agree doing what he tells me to do.
  • WHAT? That treasure should be mine!
  • Tom Walker and his wife behave way too immorally with each other,both were another level of greedy. There was no caring at all between the two of them.
  • Oh, perfect. Lets do this!
  • I accept the deal.
  • One day, Tom decided to take a shortcut on his way home when he unexpectedly meets the devil. He was offering Tom a great amount of treasure buried by Kidd the Pirate close to the swamp. Tom wasnt sure what to answer so he went home and think a little about it.
  • Let the Devil take me if I have taken any money from you.
  • Tom came back home and told his wife what just happened. She immediately told him to accept, but because he didn't wanted to please her, he didn't. As a result, Mrs. Walker went to the swamp to get that treasure and she never came back.
  • Bye Tom Walker.
  • Tom realized that it was the devil who killed his wife, he wasn't sad at all anyways. So he accepted the deal which was lending money to people in town and at the same time, charging high amounts of cash, specially to the ones that couldn't pay him back.
  • After many years of stealing people's money without they even noticing, Tom started feeling worried about himself and the deal, so he decided to go to church and had a bible in order to "escape" from the devil, but that was already impossible. One day went with a client who was aware of what was he doing with his money, but Tom played dirty and things went wrong.
  • Dont destroy me, you have already taken all of my money!
  • That small sentence was the end for Tom Walker. The devil heard it and quickly took Tom and without thinking it twice, he eliminated all of his wealth earned with the deal, the end.
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