chapter 8
Updated: 12/7/2020
chapter 8

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  • It wasn't--whatyou said. It was an accident.
  • That was murder.
  • Tomorrow, we shall hunt again.
  • Some of you will stay here to improve the cave and defend the gate. k meat.
  • Ralph went to Piggy and started a conversation about Simon. He thought that Simon was murded and Piggy tried to convience him it was just an accident.
  • Tribe of hunters sat in a cave in a semicircle before the chief. The tribe waited for the chief to give them orders.
  • Did you get hurt, Piggy?
  • Are you two all right?
  • I got busted.
  • While hunters had assembly Ralph, Piggy, Sam and Eric tried to make a fire. They were tired so they decided to start the fire tomorrow and they went sleep in their shelters.
  • While they slept, hunters attached them and began to fight. Ralph hit out; then he and what seemed like a dozen others were rolling over and over, hitting, biting, scratching.
  • They discussed what just happened. They found out that they still have the conchl, but in the distance they saw Jack and his group running away.
  • Not much.
  • I think so
  • The chief led then, trotting steadily, exulting in his achievement. From his left hand dangled Piggy's broken glasses.
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