the Murceavispo man
Updated: 6/5/2020
the Murceavispo man

Storyboard Description

It's about a man who was infected by a mutant hornet. At first, that innocent man felt isolated, but then, realizing the multifaceted powers, he used them and had great fun.

Storyboard Text

  • I had finished my shift, I was working as a coach in a gym
  • I was walking slowly but surely, when I suddenly noticed something I have never seen before.
  • Oh! MY GOD !!!, It is a hornet crossing the zebra, I was paralyzed, my senses told me not to move ...
  • And the typical, to run!!
  • Hurry up! That hornet comes behind me
  • This is a secret mision, shut up! I must turn you into a mutant.
  • Gee! I’m going to be that insect’s lunch!
  • So, why didn’t you tell me from the very beginning?
  • I wouldn’t make you feel uncomfortable, silly boy