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Updated: 11/6/2020
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Emily Surcey and Drew Turley

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  • Born August 30th 1797,Her mom died ten days after birth, and her father remarriedShe hated her stepmom because she was the opposite of her momShe had no formal schooling, instead she learned at home from her stepmom and listening to her father’s political discussionsHer Father told her she was not allowed to see Percey Shelley, but they married anyways
  • Parcelesus was an alchemist and physician who used many elements and chemicals in an attempt to cure diseasesAlbertus Magnus was a catholic saint who made major discoveries in the field of medicinePlutarc’s Lives is referenced and the volume the creature reads is about the first founders of ancient republic and civilizations
  • Allusions relating the monster to Adam because he is the first of his kind The Rime of the Ancient Mariner poem is about mariner who kills an albatross and gets cursed so he roams and tells people his story so they don’t make the same mistakes
  • The Victorian Era lasted from 1837 to 1901, the period of Queen Victoria’s reign (United Kingdom)This era contained social changes, political reform, and sparked the world’s first Industrial RevolutionRomanticism was an artistic era that lasted from 1770 to 1850. It originated in Europe. Jean-Jacques Rousseau was named “The Father of Romanticism.” American Romanticism influenced poets and writers to create pieces that dealt with the supernatural or dark themes.
  • Gothic literature is a type of literary genre that deals with darker themes and combines fiction with death, horror, and romanceGothic literature emerged during the late 1700s during the Romantic EraThe goal of gothic fiction is to frighten the audience with morbid and terrific topics. This includes ghosts, vampires, curses, death/decay, madness, ghosts, and haunted homes/castlesThis type of literature “appealed to the emotions” of the reader ( Frankenstein by Mary Shelley is one of the best-known novels that was written during the Gothic era. It transformed people’s attitude on horror and the culture and traditions that are in place today around the world.
  • The industrial revolution brought more people into big cities crowding them in factoriesWith the crowding diseases spread very quickly and caused many deathsCholera was a very deadly disease that spread through water and because most people use river water.Hygiene was terrible during the start of the industrial revolution There was also another small pox outbreak and many people did not know that there was a vaccine
  • The rapid urbanization and ancient style of medicine caused massive amounts of deathDoctors would give mercury iron and arsenic to patientsDoctors would often tell patients to vomit or bleed or leechingThis time was a beginning of cleanliness standards including the beginning of white clothesThis was the beginning of the xray and also beginning of vaccines.
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