The Wide Window

The Wide Window

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Storyboard for A Series of Unfortunate Events Book the Third: The Wide Window. The Baudelaire Orphans have found themselves on the shores of the vast Lake Lachrymose to live with their aunt, Josephine Anwhistle; a woman who became so fearful of everything after the tragic and violent death of her husband, she has shut herself inside of her precariously perched home. After a few days of getting to know her and their new home, the small family travel down to town to gather supplies for the fast-approaching Hurricane Herman. While in town, they meet a sailor and sailboat rental agent, Captain Sham, who is really a not-so-cleverly disguised Count Olaf. After many failed attempts at warning their phobic aunt of the danger posed by Olaf, the Baudelaires resign to sleep on the matter. That night, the children are awakened by a great sound of shattering glass echoing throughout Aunt Josephine's home. Racing through the house to find the source, the Baudelaires come to the door of Aunt Josephine's grammatical library, wherein they found the library window, the titular Wide Window, had been broken and Aunt Josephine was no where to be found. Aunt Josephine had left a note tacked onto the library door which stated she had given up on life and had willed the children to the newly met Captain Sham. They call Mr. Poe, a banker and executor of the Baudelaire family estate, to inform him of Aunt Josephine's apparent suicide. Upon his arrival, the Baudelaires take him to assess the scene and note, which he claims is perfectly legal. The Baudelaires, a bit leery of the note's true intent, set out with Mr. Poe to see Captain Sham at a local restaurant, The Anxious Clown. Once there, Captain Sham cooks up sob story after sob story which gets Mr. Poe to side with him, and the pair begin the paperwork needed to put the Baudelaire's under his care. A bag of peppermint candies, given to the Baudelaires by Mr. Poe upon arrival in town, came in handy in giving the children a serious allergic reaction and bought them a bit of time to solve the mystery of Aunt Josephine's note. Back at the house, Klaus sets off to the grammatical library, now half-decimated by the approaching hurricane winds and rain, to gather some of his aunt's heaviest grammar books. Using his talent for study and Aunt Josephine's grammar books as guides, he manages to decipher the misspellings and poor grammar in his aunt's note as a message spelling the words "Curdled Cave". After coming to the conclusion that Aunt Josephine has faked her death and went into hiding, the Baudelaires set about finding a map of Lake Lachrymose hidden under Aunt Josephine's bed. After finding an atlas containing a map of the lake, a bolt of lightning strikes one of the supports holding up Aunt Josephine's house, and the house crumbles into the lake as the children narrowly escape. The children steal a sailboat from Captain Sham's boat rental agency and sail out into the middle of the storm. Upon reaching Curdled Cave, they find Aunt Josephine, wailing and sobbing about her ordeal with Sham/Olaf. She tells the Baudelaires that Sham/Olaf had phoned and threatened that if she didn't do something to put the children in his care, he would kill her. She ran to the library, wrote the coded note, then tossed a footstool through the Wide Window and left the house before the Baudelaires could discover what had happened. After a brief argument between the Baudelaires and Aunt Josephine, they all set out onto the now calmed lake to sail back to town and tell Mr. Poe the whole story. As they make their way out, Aunt Josephine's fears come to a head when she suddenly mentions she had eaten a banana before the Baudelaires had arrived. The scent of the banana incurred the wrath of the carnivorous Lachrymose Leeches, the very creatures responsible for Aunt Josephine's late husband's death. They begin chewing their way through the stolen sailboat, causing a flurry of panic on-board. Violet uses her talent for invention to create a flaming signal, which she waves in the air to signal any passing boats to theirs. Unfortunately, the Baudelaire's signal succeeds at attracting the attention of a passing Captain Sham, who was just sailing out to find the Baudelaires. Some horrible "bargaining" commences between Aunt Josephine and Captain Sham, leaving Aunt Josephine to the mercy of the leeches and the Baudelaires at the mercy of Captain Sham. After sailing back to the dock without Aunt Josephine, the Baudelaires once again attempt to tell Mr. Poe of Sham/Olaf's treachery. This appears unsuccessful at first, until Sunny, the infant Baudelaire sibling, used her talent for biting to bite Captain Sham's faux peg leg and reveal he can actually walk. Mr. Poe immediately sets about trying to get the attention of police, but Count Olaf escapes. Some introspective on part of the Baudelaires leaves them feeling a bit undecided about Aunt Josephine and their experience in her precariously perched home. In the end, however, the children decide that unlike the lonely Aunt Josephine, they have each other to lean on in these unfortunate times.

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