Relations between the US and Haiti
Updated: 5/18/2020
Relations between the US and Haiti

Storyboard Text

  • We need to help Haiti out. First, we need to give some money to our farmers, so we could send their production of rice to Haiti, since they are in need.
  • Nice, the really need to food. Lets hurry it up then.
  • Come on guys. Hurry it up. We got part of the $12.9 Million to grow rice, to send to Haiti.
  • How is that even helping. They are just shoving food into them. They aren't giving them any financial support.
  • Ugh. Why is our rice field flooded and destroyed? This is all I had left.
  • At least I still have some rice to sell tomorrow. I'm probably going to sell it for more.
  • I heard the US is going to help us. The rice is going to be cheaper
  • Rice for sale. $60 per sack Rice for sale.
  • Ughhhhh. I need to get more seeds to fix the destruction and help my family out.
  • Why can't the US just give us money so that I could help myself out, and others buy selling my rice.
  • Rice, $30 only.
  • This is not helping us!!!! Give us equipment and essentials so we could grow the economy. Stop helping your economy, help ours.
  • Rice, Only $30. I'm just here to help you.
  • I'm doing all I could. I'm also wasting the US taxpayers dollars to help you. There is nothing more that I can do.
  • Sir, us farmers need money to get seeds to grow rice.
  • That isn't helping us. The money was spent on things that isn't useful for us.
  • We gave your country the money already, and I'm helping you by giving cheaper food prices.