"Don't Blink" by Ethan Burson
Updated: 1/15/2021
"Don't Blink" by Ethan Burson

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  • "Don't Blink" By: Ethan Burson
  • Kenny Chesney wrote the song "Don't Blink", in this song his lyrics talk about aging and how quickly people age, his lyrics are, "He looked up from his old pipe laughed and said, "All I can say is Don't blink, just like that you're six years old and you take a nap and you wake up and you're twenty-five and your high school sweetheart becomes your wife." This relates to me, even though I am only 15, as it feels like time has flown by ever since middle school. These lyrics use a metaphor on the words "don't blink" as he is not saying don't blink, he is saying that before you know it your kids could be grown and you could be old. He is telling us that time passes quickly.
  • The song goes on to say, "Don't blink, you just might miss your babies growing like mine did turning into moms and dads." My mom told me this the other day about how she feels like just yesterday I was a child and now I am growing up so fast. These lyrics use a hyperbole to explain how fast time passes, after you blink your children are not actually going to be grown.
  • As life goes on, time seems to fly by quicker and quicker, as Kenny Chesney says in these lyrics, "Next thing you know your better half of fifty years is there in bed and you're praying God takes you instead trust me friend a hundred years goes faster than you think, so don't blink." My grandpa has talked to me about the same things that are mentioned in this song, he told me to live life to the fullest because before you know it, your time will be gone.
  • "'Cause when your hourglass runs out of sand you can't flip it over and start again take every breath God gives you for what it's worth." This is very true, in life when your time is running out and you are getting old, you can not just restart and try again, so live life to the fullest. This is also a metaphor as your life is not directly like an hourglass, there is no set time on how much each person will live.
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