Playstation Commercial

Updated: 10/15/2020
Playstation Commercial

Storyboard Text

  • New COVID-19 updates suggest at least another month of isolation.
  • ...
  • Playstation, anyone?
  • - A family of four sit around a dinner table. - They appear bored and disheartened, and TV ambience can be heard in the background discussing COVID-19 updates.
  • - An awkward silence fills the room.- The parents shuffle around absent-mindedly and the boy plays with his food.
  • PlayStation,Fun for the Whole Family
  • PlayStation
  • - The mother smiles, appearing to come up with a solution to the downhearted mood.- She suggests the family go and play Playstation together.
  • - A quick cut juxtaposes the dull environment at the dinner table to a loud, exciting environment as the family are playing a multiplayer game together.
  • - Scene fades out to reveal the PlayStation logo, while shouting and laughter continue.