Updated: 5/19/2020
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  • Before she even bites the sandwich, the digestion system has fired up. It begins with her saliva glands causing her to salivate
  • as soon as she has bitten on her sandwich, she begins to chew and break up the meal, this is called mechanical digestion. Her saliva also helps her break down the food.
  • the next step of the digestive system occurs in the oesophagus. The food is transported down using peristalsis, which is the tightening and relaxing movement of your oesophagus muscles.
  • the next step of digestion occurs in her stomach where food will be stored and broke down even further by acids and powerful enzymes.
  • the next part occurs in the small intestine where most nutrients are absorbed in the small intestine, where food is broken down even more by enzymes released from the pancreas and bile from the liver
  • the second last part includes the large intestine and the colon. The colon is a 5- to 7-foot long muscular tube that connects the small intestine to the rectum. It’s responsible for processing waste
  • the final part of the digestive tract include the rectum and anus. Here is where all unwanted waste is stored and prepared to be excreted. On average, it takes about 36 hours for waste to get through the colon and exit the rectum through the anus.
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