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The Earth on the Turtles back
Updated: 10/23/2020
The Earth on the Turtles back
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  • At the beginning of the story, the chief's pregnant wife tells him about her dream. In her dream, she saw the great tree uprooted.
  • The chief takes his wife's dream as a sign and told the men of the tribe and said the tree needed to be uprooted.
  • After none of the men couldnt uproot the Great tree, the chief himself lifted the whole tree out of the ground in one motion. As the chief's wife looks into the whole left behind, she fell in grabbing a few seeds from the ancient tree.
  • As the chief's wife was falling, the animals below noticed, and two swans flew up to catch her. The animals noticed she wasn't built for water like them. They had no where to put her, so one of the animals said to garb some of the earth deep below in the ocean.
  • After all of the animals, but one had tried to go down and grab the earth. The muskrat, with nothing but determination, swam deep down into the depths of the ocean. He kept going and just when it felt like his lungs were going to explode he grabbed some of the earth. Once he made it back they placed the earth on the turtles back and it instantly began to grow.
  • It grew so fast and so big it became the earth. The two swans placed the chief's wife onto the earth. She then planted the seeds she had from the Great Tree and the land started to change instantly. Grass and flowers spread across the land and trees started sprouting out of the ground until the land was covered with greenery.
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