um 70 point assignment!
Updated: 4/17/2020
um 70 point assignment!

Storyboard Text

  • Oil is formed under the earth's crust. It began as tiny plants and animals that lived and died in the oceans. After they died, these creatures sank to the ocean floor. Most of their remains were eventually transformed into rock, and layer after layer of rock was formed in this manner. However, some of these plant and animal remains did not turn into rock. The weight of the water, heat from Earth’s core, and chemical changes combined to transform some of the remains of these creatures into oil and natural gas.
  • Oil is pumped from underground by machines at oil sites. In order to get to the oil companies have to drill into the ground where the oil pockets are.
  • Oil is used for many things including gas, power, heat, cars and many more things that we rely on.
  • The debate over oil has been going on for so long. Oil is very expensive and many contries can't afford it.
  • This could all be resolved by lowering the prices and keeping them consistent.