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Ethan Parker story part 2
Updated: 2/20/2019
Ethan Parker story part 2
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  • The witch gave Jane the potion and she got back home the next morning and dropped the potions in a piece of cake
  • Jane gave her dad the cupcake and he started to not feel so good. But the potion had some defects. It may turn him into an animal that describes him. So maybe a wolf since he always is sneaky and bites back and says something mean.
  • He starts to head up to his room to get some rest and he sits down and starts crying and he starts growing hair like everywhere.
  • And he turns into this big brown wolf. Jane runs and trys to find a way to reverse the potion and turn him back into a human.
  • So she throws the family blanket over her dad and something starts to happen, he starts to get taller and look like a human again
  • Her dad turns back into a human and they live happily ever after. they both say sorry. Jane will never sneak out again and her dad won't get and be careful what he says.
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