I am Legend
Updated: 12/11/2020
I am Legend

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  • Robert Neville is a tall, white, blue eyed bearded man who is the only human left on that earth. He is depressed that his family died and he is very smart, determined, and not afraid to die. Robert smokes, drinks, and tries to be gentle to others and is very strong. He knows alot about the vampires and is attempting to create a cure the the vampiric germ.
  • I am LegendBy; Richard Matheson(Horror, Science Fiction) The setting takes place in a post apocalyptic world in L.A. California during the late 1960's
  • Another character named Ruth, is a ranking officer from the new society of vampires who was sent to kill Robert. She had a husband and 2 kids and was found by Robert out in the sun.
  • Robert went to visit his wife's casket but he lost track of time, making it darker which allowed the vampires to come out and attack him, he races home and is forced to leave his car behind, which angers him making him attack them.
  • Stop it, Ben Cortman!
  • Neville!
  • Robert is the only human left on earth and must try to survive against the vampires caused by the vampiric germ and find a cure.
  • Robert kills some vampires and does work to protect his house. He also researches for a cure for the virus, but fails. Neville encounters Ruth and realises that she is a spy for the vampires who control the germ. Ruth then escapes and tells Neville to run away.
  • I can't believe it.
  • Dear Robert, I am sorry that I betrayed you like this and hurt you but I lied. I am from the new society and was sent to kill you, but I couldn't do it. So I am warning you, GET OUT AND LEAVE since they are going to try and kill you. Ruth
  • Hey, get out of here!!!
  • Your coming with us!
  • The members of the new society break into his home and try to kidnap him. Robert decides not to listen to Ruth and stays in his home.
  • I am sorry it had to end this way Robert.
  • Robert is wounded by the intruders and placed inside of a prison cell. He is going to be executed and Ruth gives him pills so he can cheat being killed publicly.
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