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Updated: 1/29/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Jonas has been chosen to be a Receiver of Memory. His training will require him to be alone and apart from everyone else.
  • We have to stay away from him. His training requires him to be apart from the rest of us.
  • Come on Jonas let's go home.
  • Scene where the Chief Elder Assigns Jonas' Assignment.
  • These are all rules that basically say that I have to be apart from everyone else, I have to experience pain, and that I may do misconducts such as lie or be rude.
  • Scene where everyone hesitates to say hi to him, since he is the Receiver of Memories.
  • Wait, so what if everyone was permitted to lie. i would never know because they can just lie about it.
  • Scene where Jonas' family and his best friend Asher go home with Jonas.
  • Scene where Jonas reads his rules in his dwelling.
  • Scene where Jonas realizes that other adults and Twelves could also be permitted to lie, and Jonas would never know.