assessment pg 2
Updated: 3/19/2020
assessment pg 2

Storyboard Text

  • shot number: 7size/angle: LS / Eye levelmovement: stillaction: person 1 says "whats wrong with pepsi?" " its got everything, its got uhh, flavour.
  • shot number: 8size/angle: MLS / eye levelmovement: stillaction: person 3 says "how about you try the all new coca-cola snickers flavour!" He then throws the can on stage
  • shot number: 9size/angle: LS/ eye levelmovement: stillaction: person 1 catches the can and says "uh I mean i guess i can try it" he then drinks it
  • Coca-colaSnickersZero sugar
  • shot number:9size/angle: MLS / mid to highmovement: stillaction: "so want to tell us a good joke now?"
  • shot number:11size/angle: ELS / mid-low movement: zooming outaction: person 1 says"only good joke around here is your mother"
  • shot number: 12size/angle: CSmovement: stillaction: Narrator says "same great taste but with zero calories and the power of snickers, because youre not you when your thirsty"