Updated: 1/23/2020
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  • In 570 AD in Mecca, Muhammad was born into a powerful Meccan family yet orphaned at the age of six.
  • After he was orphaned, he was raised by his grandfather and uncle. He received little schooling. At a young age, he began working in the caravan trade.
  • Now being 25 and married, he got a message from the angel Gabriel gave him the revelation while in a cave meditating that he was going to be the messenger of God. Muhammad started to preach that there was only one God called Allah.
  • Muhammad’s wife, Khadijah, and several close friends and relatives were his first followers. By 613, Muhammad had begun to preach publicly in Mecca.
  • Many Meccans liked the beliefs of Islam and converted to the religion. Soon after, Muhhamad´s followers were kicked out of Mecca and moved to Medina. The migration from Mecca to Medina was called the Hijra that marked the 0 on the Islamic calendar.
  • In 630, Muhammad and 10,000 of his followers marched to Mecca. the leaders of the city surrendered giving Mecca back to the Muslims. Muhammad died to years later at approximately the age of 62.
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