bd anglais 1
Updated: 11/28/2020
bd anglais 1

Storyboard Text

  • This is my secret base
  • Hello i'am his sister my name is super strenght woman .
  • We are a super hero family !
  • Hello my name is Super Eyes . My power is see through the walls and read minds .
  • here is the policement who welcome him when we have found him and left his hiding place
  • My enemy will spend the end of is days in this the prison , his name is Object Man .
  • hello, I hope he will find it !!
  • City prison
  • House of Object Man
  • Hi !! I'am Object Man
  • For example I want a chisel it will appear
  • House of super eyes and super strenght woman
  • I can see through the walls for example there is my sister behind this wall
  • The front of the house of the Object Man
  • I believe I have found the house of my enemy "Object man" !!!I seem to have seen him through the wall
  • it's not possible he will always find me !!
  • who did you find me !!!
  • thanks to my super powers i remind you that i see through walls and i read minds
  • I know what you just said now direction the city prison and you are not about to come back !!
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