Saint Lawrence
Updated: 2/23/2021
Saint Lawrence

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  • The first encounter between Lawrence and Sixtus II took place in Caesaraugusta (current-period Zaragoza).
  • By then, Sixtus II, who was Greek, had established himself as one of the most prominent teachers of his fledgling religion. They both later moved to Rome. In 257, Sixtus II was appointed the pope, and he subsequently made Lawrence a deacon.
  • Valerian was pleased when the deacon asked for three days to round up all the gold and silver of the Church together in one central place! His delight and selfishness filled blinded him from looking at the truth. For three days, Deacon Lawrence traveled throughout the city and invited all the beloved poor, handicapped, and misfortunate to get together. They were being cared by a thriving early Christian community who understood the Gospel imperative to recognize Jesus in the poor.
  • He was held at a prison stood at a place where San Lorenzo in Fonte now stands. During his small time there, he baptised fellow prisoners.
  • St Lawrence was executed during the persecution under the Roman emperor Valerian. Although Lawrence was perhaps beheaded like the other seven deacons in the city of Rome during the occupation of Pope Sixtus II. But his death was reported as that he was roasted to death on an iron grill
  • Born Country: SpainBorn In: Hispania(now occupied by Spain and Portugal) Died On: August 10, 258Place Of Death: San Lorenzo In Panisperna, Rome, ItalyCause Of Death: Execution
  • Birthday: December 31, 225Nationality: SpanishDied At Age: 32