Online Safety-2 By Eva Anna Joseph-5J

Updated: 5/12/2020
Online Safety-2 By Eva Anna Joseph-5J

Storyboard Text

  • Ma'am, my daughter, Audrey, is being cyber-bullied by a girl called Lilian in her class. Here is the evidence.
  • Yes ma'am.
  • I see.. Is it true, Audrey?
  • Thank You, Ma'am.
  • You can leave now. I will take care of the rest.
  • Good Morning Ma'am!
  • Yes ma'am!
  • Good Morning! Is Lilian here?
  • But..But...Ok. Ma'am. I am sorry.
  • Lilian, you are suspended from school for 2 weeks for cyber-bullying Audrey.
  • Ok Ma'am!
  • If you are ever cyber-bullied, always tell it to a trusted adult.
  • Thank You!And never forget to be SMART and SAFE online!