kisa gotami
Updated: 2/12/2021
kisa gotami

Storyboard Text

  • Oh no my beloved child has died i dont know what to do
  • excuse me sir what should i do my CHILD HAS JUST DIED THIS IS AN EMERGENSY
  • why dont u go to The Buddha he know exacly what to do.
  • Thank you Buddha
  • Now, you should go and get me some musterd seeds and then u child will be back
  • One day Kisa Gotami’s baby son fell ill and died. She was so upset that she asked in her village if there was anyone that could help her.
  • Well i never, a young lady never ask that sort of question now GO or i will.... punish u
  • Have u got any musterd seeds and also has any of u r reletives died.
  • A man told her to go and see the Buddha. She begged the Buddha to bring her son back to life.
  • i should just stop
  • The Buddha told her the only way to bring her son back was to find some mustard seeds from a house who had never had anyone in their family die.
  • My child will always be in my hearts
  • Kisa went from house to house, trying to find the mustard seed. At every house people had family who had died.
  • Kisa finally came to realise that there is no one in the world who had never lost a family member to death.
  • She now understood that death is a natural part of life. She buried her son and then returned to the Buddha and became his follower.