eva btt homework

Updated: 10/27/2020
eva btt homework

Storyboard Text

  • yeah, the weather is so bad that i must to wear mask. All of this is because ewaste
  • hi, don't you feel the air pollution is bad than before?
  • eh I don‘t know well
  • ewaste is a kind of rubbish that is electronic products
  • do you know what is ewaste
  • eh, it's may be the government‘s fault
  • do you know why this happen? well let me tell you . ewaste is comes from unwarrantable way
  • Maybe we can to try not to throw away old electronics that still work.
  • How can we to solve this problem?
  • we can do in little things beside us
  • yes , we can stop others throw electronics and publicity to other that let more people to know the important
  • if we all work together we can still save the world