Holes Story Structure
Updated: 2/24/2021
Holes Story Structure

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  • Exposition
  • Rising Action
  • Rising action
  • Stanley Yelnats is a very unlucky kid. he is so unlucky because his family has a curse from Stanlyes his no good dirty rotten pig stealing great, great, grandpa. One Day Stanly was walking on a street and shoes come falling out of the sky. They are a baseball player's shoes. Stanly gets accused of stealing the shoes because he had them and nobody believed him that they fell out of the sky. for Stanlyes punishment he has to go to camp green lake in the middle of Texas in the summer. Every day Stanly has to wake up and dig a hole that is five feet deep and five feet wide.
  • Rising Action
  • Stanley's first hole was awful. he had to wake up at 4am to start digging and when he finished every bone Stanley's first day was awful. he had to wake up at 4 in the morning and dig a hole. when he was done every muscle and bone ached. When Stanley finally finished his whole he went to a room where all of the boys hang out. Almost every kid there is not nice. Stanley tries his best to stay on all of the boy's good side. There is one kid that is not like the others. his name is zero. zero rarely talks, all of the boys make fun of him.
  • cilmax
  • Everybody makes fun of zero and says he is stupid, or he LIKES to dig holes, or he has no brain. Zero is actually not stupid. Stanley finds out that zero does not know how to read or write. So Stanley and Zero make a deal where if Stanley teaches zero how to read and wright then zero digs half of Stanley's hole. stanley and zero become good freinds.
  • Falling action/resolution
  • Kate Barlo is a teacher. She has a schoolhouse that is beaten up. So kate meats sam. Sam helps Kate rebuild her schoolhouse to make it look good. Kate fell in love with sam. The only problem was that sam was black and kate was white. The people in her town did not like that. So they burned down Kates's schoolhouse and killed sam. After sams death Kate became Bad. kate buried a treasure with a lot of valuables and Katesgot killed by a man whose Ansesters for there rest of their life will dig holes and try to find the treasure. zero can not stand getting bullied by his camp leaders and the kids at camp so zero hits Mr pinanskey in the face with a shovel then runs away. Zero will die because there is no water in miles because there are in the middle of the desartMpenaskey in the face with his shovel pace
  • Stanley finds out that zero ran away then goes to find him. Stanley finds zero and zero was eating sluch. They did not know what this is but it was good. that is how zero survived. Stanly goes to a mountain that his great, great, grandpa survived in. the mountain is called big thumb. There is water at top of big thumb and Stanley and zero survive off of unions and dirty unions. Earlier in the story, Stanley found a lipstick container. That had the initials KB. So zero and Stanley dig one more hole and they found the treasure Kate Barlo buried 100 years ago.
  • Stanley and zero found the treasure And they get in the hole to grab it then they felt something crawl around their feet. It was a yellow-spotted lizard. They are the most poisonous creature in texas. Stanley and Zero were stuck in a hole with a family of yellow-spotted lizards. right then the camp directors come to them and wait for them to die. After a Long, there was a car that pulled up and that was Stanley's lawyer and a big tall guy. Stanley's lawyer saves the day. Stanley and zero safely get out of the hole. Stanley and zero did not get bitten by the lizards because they had unions in their blood and they hate unions. Stanly brings home the treasure and zero. there is a lot of money that was in the. the treasure that Stanley and zero split. Zero highers a crew of people to find his mom with his money.stanleyand zero share