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  • Hello There! My name is Katie Evans. I recently learned about and got interested in who I am and how to describe myself. I am going to share some of my personality traits with you by going through a day in my life. Now as much as I love talking with you, it's almost show time, so here it is!
  • It starts with me waking up in the morning (which usually takes a while). Once I am actually able to get out of bed, I start to get ready for school.
  • BEEP!
  • BEEP!
  • BEEP!
  • Half of my morning routine consists of me rummaging through my dresser to find the right thing to wear.
  • Once I pick out my outfit I usually ask my sister, Micah if it looks okay because I want to be sure.
  • Is this outfit okay?
  • Yeah, that's good.
  • When I get to class I talk to my friends until class starts. Today my friend is telling me a story.
  • Hey, how are you?
  • I'm great, how 'bout you?- Oh! The craziest thing happened the other day....
  • She was talking very fast, so it was hard to follow along. Thankfully, I have always been a good listener, and know how to respond to things like this.
  • Wow, that's crazy!
  • I know, right? I-
  • Alright, class! Today we will be working on my blueprint. During this time I want you to be looking at some occupations, and pick out a couple that seem interesting.
  • During this period, I realized that all of the jobs that I was interested in include a team of people that work together to reach a goal.
  • hmmm... not that one. not that one. Oh! That seems interesting
  • I love reading. It's always been my favourite past time and I never want to stop once I have started.
  • Good morning everybody! Today we are going to start off with 20 minutes of reading, and then we will be taking notes regarding some new terms and definitions. Everybody take out your ISP books and start reading.
  • Okay class! Your notes should be out.
  • My favourite part about reading is all of the pictures i form in my head. However, there is a problem with this. Sometimes I get so into a book that I am almost stuck in the mental images and I can't always hear what is going on around me.
  • 20 minutes later...
  • Pssst.. Katie, we're done reading now
  • Learning with a teaching style like this is extremely difficult for me. In order to really understand something, I need to make connections, and since I am busy taking notes from the board, I can't unless the teacher gives an example.
  • Okay! onto the next slide. Here are a few more definitions. Juxtaposition is...
  • Whenever I have to make a decision, I think ahead to see which option is better. In this case, I realized that if I put off working on my project, I may come across a problem that will overwhelm me in the evening. 
  • Hey guys, are you ready to go for lunch?
  • Sorry, but I have to work on a project during lunch.
  • Hmmm... work on project or eat lunch with friends?
  • While I am a hard worker and produce good work, I also happen to be a pretty bad procrastinator. Because of this, I run into some issues and get overwhelmed since I still have high expectations for myself.
  • Oh no! What do I do now?
  • despite all of the troubles, I always feel great when I finish the assignment. I have always been a pretty competitive person, so if nothing was really challenging for me I would have a hard time. This makes me think that I will do best with a job that gives me some challenges, but doesn't push me too hard
  • Yay! now it shouldn't take too much longer tonight
  • Time to go to class now
  • I have an extremely hard time paying attention when the teacher is just talking about something. Not only do I have a short attention span, but I also get distracted very easily, so I occasionally tune out the lesson by accident.
  • Oh no...
  • Class has started everybody. Get in your seats. Alright, so today we will be starting the project that I told you about yesterday, but first I'm going to teach a short lesson that may help you with your presentations.
  • On the other hand, I learn things quickly and easily when I can actually do things, especially when I'm in a group.
  • Now that the lesson is over with you can start working on your presentations. Now everybody split into groups of 3.
  • Finally!
  • I can be a pretty good leader if I have to be, but I am also okay with following somebody else's ideas.
  • Okay. So, which part did you guys want to do the talking for? I don't really care.
  • I want to do part C!
  • I guess I'll do part A .
  • In group projects, I usually end up saying something reassuring about our progress without even realizing it. This is because I am a positive person, so I always try to look on the bright side.
  • Wow! We got a lot done. I'm sure this will go really well!
  • Individual study periods don't work for me. I can never get anything done because I get distracted, but when I work with my friends, they help me stay on track.
  • Hello class! Since we are having a test tomorrow, today will be a study period. You can work on finishing the chapter review, but I want this to be individual work, so no talking.
  • Well this sucks.
  • The only way that I can study effectively is reading and repeating notes with somebody else, so in situations like this, I always wish that I can talk with others.
  • This is so boring! I wish I could study with my friends.
  • I am a fairly helpful person. when somebody seems to need help, I can't ignore it, and I would feel extremely bad if I did. So when somebody drops their stuff like what happened on this day, I'll help them pick it up.
  • Here, let me help you.
  • Oh no!
  • Another thing about me is that I have a good memory, but only for things that I make a point to remember. For example, I lose things a lot because I'm not trying to remember where I put them at the time, put when I do, there isn't a problem.
  • Thanks Katie! Oh! Do you remember what homework we had for first period?
  • You're welcome, and we just need to finish the project if you haven't already.
  • Once I am home and done eating, I take a break because I lost all of my focus from paying attention in school.
  • I'll start my work in half an hour.
  • Although I am a procrastinator, when I know how important it is for me to start working at a certain time, my perfectionist side takes over and I make sure not to fall to behind the schedule.
  • I better start my work now.
  • 30 Minutes Later...
  • This happens to be one of the days that I am home alone for a little after school. When I have trouble with my homework I get really frustrated, and I should probably wait for somebody to get home so that I can ask for help.
  • Oh no! I keep getting the wrong answer. What do I do?!
  • Of course, I don't actually do that. I am very persistent, and I was determined to finish that problem at the time.
  • Okay, I just need to calm down and try again.
  • Oh! I get it now!
  • When I don't talk to people for a long period of time, I am really talkative once I am around somebody again. This causes me to talk about anything and everything that comes to my mind once somebody is back home.
  • Hi.
  • Hey Micah. Guess what? I finally figured out what to do on my project and I'm so happy because I was really stressed about that and...
  • I better start working on my project soon...
  • I am a bit of a perfectionist, so I often spend a lot more time doing thing than I should. However, this usually works out even better in the end because I create higher quality work than I would have otherwise
  • 2 Hours Later...
  • Hmmm... Just one last touch. Perfect!
  • I'm Home!
  • Something that I am good at is being able to tell how a person is feeling. Whenever somebody is acting different, I notice and try to help.
  • Hi mom! How was work? Wait... are you okay, you look upset.
  • I'm alright, just tired.
  • When I get a job, I want it to be like my mom's job. Not because it's easy or makes a lot of money, but because I am interested in it. Her job involves analyzing a situation and figuring out how to help, which I find really fun.
  • And work was great! I got to visit one of my younger clients and it was really fun!
  • That's good!
  • I believe that having a job that I love is the second most important thing in order for me to find happiness in life. The most important is family. I love my family, and when I get older I want to stay close with them as well as having one of my own.
  • Well there you have it! This is me.

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