Act IV by Evan Sideris
Updated: 5/18/2020
Act IV by Evan Sideris

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  • Romeo and Juliet
  • Love
  • Scene 1
  • Scene 2
  • Forgive me!
  • Act IV Summary by Evan Sideris
  • Scene 3
  • I must drink it for Romeo!
  • Paris tells the Friar he will be married to Juliet on Thursday. Juliet shows up and exchanges distant remarks with Paris showing she is unenthusiastic for the wedding. After Paris leaves, Juliet tells the Friar she would rather kill herself than marry Paris. The Friar devises a plan where Juliet will drink a potion to fake her death in order to refuse the marriage and be with Romeo. Juliet accepts this plan.
  • Scene 4
  • Everything must be perfect!
  • In the Capulet's house, Juliet begs for her fathers forgiveness of her disobedience and shows enthusiasm to be married to Paris. Lord Capulet then pushes the wedding up a day. Everyone hurries to prepare for the wedding.
  • Scene 5
  • She's DEAD!!
  • Juliet is alone in her room and she begins to worry about the potential flaws of her plan. Will the potion work, will it kill me, will it wear off to soon? However, Juliet's love for Romeo pushes her to drink the bottle and enter the unknown.
  • The Capulet house is busy with wedding preparations. Lord Capulet orders the servants around and is determined to make this wedding take place. He then instructs the nurse to go wake up Juliet.
  • In Juliet's bedroom, the Nurse realizes Juliet is not sleeping but dead. Soon everyone finds out and is in despair. The scene ends with an argument between Peter and the musicians.