Louis Armstrong
Updated: 12/3/2019
Louis Armstrong

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  • King Oliver and Louis Armstrong
  • Armstrong in his first band
  • The Move to Chicago
  • Louis Armstrong grew up in New Orleans. As a young man, a musician named King Oliver became Armstrong's mentor and started Armstrong's musical career.
  • Recording
  • Louis replace King Oliver in Kid Ory's band. That band was the most popular band in New Orleans at that time.
  • Filmography
  • After getting a call from King Oliver, Armstrong went to Chicago. When he was there, Armstrong joined Oliver in his Creole Jazz Band as the second cornet.
  • What Armstrong was known for
  • He eventually went on to record music with his band, called the Hot Five Band with Okeh Records. They recorded more than 60 records.
  • Armstrong went on to perform in many Hollywood movies later in his life. One of his most popular movies was Hello, Dolly!
  • Louis Armstrong was a famous singer, musician and actor. He was most known for being a jazz trumpeter and singer in the 1920s. Armstrong influenced jazz because he created a new method called scat singing.