Act 5, Scene 3
Updated: 2/1/2021
Act 5, Scene 3

Storyboard Text

  • Put out that torch and go over there. Sit under the yew trees and keep watch for people, whistle if you hear someone. Now give me those flowers and do as I say
  • Sweet Juliet, I spread these flowers over your bridal bed, your canopy is dust and stone!
  • * Page whistles, alerting Paris of someones arrival*
  • Take this letter to my father in the earl morning, swear on your life you will not disturb me in the tomb.
  • I promise not to disturb you
  • Paris and Page in a Churchyard outside the tomb of the Capulets
  • Stop you Vile Montague! You villain, Can you take revenge on dead bodies? I’ve caught you, You must die.
  • That is why I am here, now leave noble man. You should know not to pick a fight with someone who is desperate. Don't make me angry, I do not wish to commit more crimes.
  • Romeo confesses he came there to die, and warns him to leave
  • Paris goes into the Capulet tomb and strews flowers over Juliet
  • Your request is denied! I will arrest you, criminal.
  • So now you are provoking me? alright then, lets fight
  • Enter Romeo and Balthasar
  • Oh! I have been Killed! If you have any mercy, lay me next to Juliet when die.
  • As Romeo mourns, Paris thinks he has caught him vandalizing the bodies in the tomb.
  • Paris provokes a fight
  • Romeo and Paris fight, Paris falls.
  • Paris dies and Romeo moves on with his plan.
  • Paris's final wishes were not granted, he lays dead on the floor of the Capulet tomb