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Act 3 Storyboard
Updated: 4/29/2020
Act 3 Storyboard
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  • act 3, scene1
  • Benedick is in love with Beatrice and ..............
  • act 3, scene 2
  • act 3, scene 2 (continuation)
  • Hero is unfaithful
  • Hero and Ursula talk about Benedick and that he is madly in love with Beatrice, so that Beatrice would hear, while she is in a hiding spot.
  • act 3, scene 3
  • Don Pedro, Claudio, and Leonato find Benedick sadder than usual and make fun of him saying that he must be in love. Benedick does not tell them otherwise and asks Leonato if they can speak in private. As soon as they go Don Pedro and Claudio say that Benedick must want to talk about Beatrice to Leonato.
  • act 3, scene 4
  • the men are here to take you to Hero to church.
  • Don John comes to where Don Pedro and Claudio are and tells them that Hero is being unfaithful to Claudio. Don John tells them that he can prove it by going with him that night.
  • act 3, scene 5
  • Conard and Borachio stand close to the watchmen and Borachio tells Conard that he got paid by Don John because he wooed Margaret in Hero's room and called her Hero, which made Claudio think that it was actually Hero. The watchmen hears and Conard and Borachio get arrested for vilanity.
  • Don John paid me for making Claudio think that Hero is unfaithful
  • Hero is getting dressed by Margaret for her wedding that day. Margaret mentions to Beatrice that Benedick is in love, and says that maybe Beatrice will someday be in love too. Ursula then interrupts to say that the men are here to go to the church.
  • ...maybe someday Beatrice will fall in lo...
  • Dogberry comes to inform Leonato that two suspicious med were arrested the night before and that he has to go to examine them, however Leonato tells Dogberry to go himself, since the wedding is that day.
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