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Brexit storyboard
Updated: 10/11/2019
Brexit storyboard
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Storyboard Text

  • Scene 1 Shot 1 -0s to 20s
  • Scene 2 Shot 2 -21s to 40
  • Dylan
  • Jerome
  • Chloe
  • Scene 3 Shot 3 -41s to 60s
  • The teacher had just finished her lesson about Brexit,she set homework to do facts about BrexitCamera Shot-Close up Sounds-Exited ChildrenLocation-School
  • Shot 4 Scene 4 61s to 80s
  • Brexit is the united kingdom wanting to leave the Eu (European union)
  • cAll the children were exited to get back home and do the homeworkCamera shots-Close up Sounds-Children TalkingLocation-Classroom
  • Shot 5 Scene 5 81s to 100s
  • UK is meant to be leaving the EU on the 31st of october
  • All the children got home and started doing the homework excited for tomorrowCamera shot-Wide shot Sounds-NothingLocation-House
  • Shot 6 Scene 6 101s to 120s
  • The UK pays the EU 4.5 Billion and thats why people want to leave
  • Jerome is speaking about Brexit and how many people wanted to leave the EU, he told the class 52% wanted to leave.Camera shots-Medium shot Sound-Jerome talking about his presentationLocation-School
  • 30 Million peopleVoted in the referendum52% voted to leave
  • Chloe is also speaking about the EU but when we are going to leave the EU, she tells it the 31st October 2019 Camera shots-Medium shot Sound-Chloe talking Location-School
  • Finally Dylan is talking about why people want to leave the EU because we pay them too much money and we don't have control of our country in terms of decision made.Camera shots-Medium shot Sound-Dylan talkingLocation-school
  • People also want to leave because the EU is controlling
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