Government ch.1-2

Updated: 9/11/2020
Government ch.1-2

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  • Here are some of the different systems!unitary system-a government that gives all key powers to the national or central governmentconfederacya loose union of independent states
  • federal system-a government that divides the powers of government between the national government and state or provincial governmentsconstitution-a plan that provides the rules for governmentauthoritarian-controlling all aspects of citizens’ economic, political, and social livestotalitarianism-a system of government in which the government has total controlassembly-a gatheringdictatorship-a system of government in which power is in the hands of one person who has total controloligarchy-a system of government in which a small group holds power
  • Monarchy- a system of government in which a king, queen, or emperor exercises supreme powers of governmentdemocracy-government in which the people rulerepublic-a government in which voters hold sovereign power; elected representatives, responsible to the people, exercise that powerinstitution- establishment practice, or social organization