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Development of an Atom
Updated: 5/9/2020
Development of an Atom
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  • My theory is that all matter is composed of very small particles called Atoms! Different elements have different size, mass and other properties. While all atoms of that element are identical.
  • By using the Cathode Ray I have created this model of an atom, Electrons float around the atom randomly in a ball of positively matter!
  • By using my gold foil experiment I have determined the Electrons are floating in an atom with a Nucleus of positive charge in the middle!
  • I propose that Negatively Charged electrons orbit around the nucleus in certain places, while they can go back and forth from each orbital they cannot exist in the space in between
  • I have created the newest atomic model and it shows how there is a definite nucleus in the middle of the atom with Protons and Neutrons.
  • Though there is just an electron cloud around the nucleus as we can't tell where the electrons are or how fast they are moving
  • Altogether we helped to create the understanding we have of atoms today. We are ever-growing our understanding of the atomic theory even today!
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