Adolf Hitler
Updated: 2/3/2020
Adolf Hitler
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  • Germans are the Master Race.
  • Fuhrer Hitler
  • Hitler writes and publishes Mein Kampf. speaking out against the German government, and his ideology of the master race.
  • Jews shouldn't exist.
  • I agree.
  • No Jews
  • Hitler's ideas of antisemitism, and the superior German race, spread among the German people. Earning him popular support for the election.
  • Get in ze shower.
  • Hitler's charisma when giving speeches furthered his ideologies, encouraging more discrimination against Jews, and promising the unification of the Germanic people and dominance.
  • Discrimination against Jews escalates, causing more Jewish people to lose their homes, jobs, and individual rights.
  • Soon the Nazis begin to send all Jews to concentration camps, forcing them to work and live in inhospitable conditions, as well as conduct human experiments on them. All of which cause the death of millions of Jews.
  • Overtime, Hitler's plan for German dominance hits the breaking point, causing Nazi troops to begin invading other countries. Sparking the second World War.
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