How Tane Mahuta came to be
Updated: 3/24/2020
How Tane Mahuta came to be

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  • Looking down on Earth
  • I'm better than Hades!
  • Settling in
  • Pluto's Gate
  • Kauri was a greedy selfish God, he was bored and lonely. Thinking to himself he wanted to take Hades spot as the ruler of the Underworld. So he jumped off Mt Olympus.
  • The entrance
  • Kauri landed on Earth. The sun slowly fell and the air stilled. He wandered around till he found a flat patch of grass, then fell straight to sleep.
  • Fight with Hades
  • Arghhhh!
  • It was day two, and Kauri was wandering through the tall green grass. Suddenly he saw houses in the distance, he headed towards them, picking up the pace. Soon he found himself standing in the towns center.
  • Tane Mahuta
  • Kauri made his way down a dark alley and into a library to find Madam Ophelia. He found her, and asked to take him there. She stood up and told him to follow her. At the end of aisle 6 was a secret door, he opened it and went through.
  • First Kauri was telling Hades how much better he was than him, though soon the tables turned. Hades got very mad and they fought, but Hades was too strong for poor Kauri.
  • After few days Hades felt more and more bad so he made a seed out of Kauri's ashes, planted it and it grew to be the biggest tree overlooking New Zealand. He named the tree Tane Mahuta, Lord of the forest.