Unknown Story

Updated: 9/15/2021
Unknown Story

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  • God was thinking and he decided to make something for others. So he created the universe. God struck a fire so he could think about it and when he did he enjoyed the thing it was outputting, he called it light. He also liked the contrast when the light was gone, he called it darkness. He had bedtime so he had to go to sleep.
  • God saw that water was splashing everywhere so he made a barrier so the water wouldn't fall and he called it the "Sky". God than walked on the shoreline for the rest of the day before falling asleep.
  • God was tired of calling it all the sea so he deicded to name it the "Sea' and since he had some matcha tea the day before he decided to call the land "earth"
  • God was quite hungry and he thought of fruits and just like that he had brought them into existence. He was pleased and decided that it was time for his nap.
  • God was very tired of mindlessly walking around without knowing when he had to do anything or the time. SO he created night and day and for day he made light, for the night, darkness with stars before falling asleep to the beautiful sunset.
  • God woke up quite bored the next day and he wanted some things to interact with. So he created many different creatures and let his imagination roam free. He made animals in water, land and air.