World Civ 5.2 Assignment
Updated: 2/19/2021
World Civ 5.2 Assignment

Storyboard Text

  • Colonization to New Land
  • In my travels to find new routes I found new land that we can take
  • Yes, we must explore these new lands and use what we can from them
  • Triangular Trade
  • Slaves from Africa
  • During this time period many explorers were going out and finding new lands, like Columbus. When he found the Americas it made it so England was able to COLONIZE there as well as other places.
  • Going through the Middle Passage
  • After COLONIZATION happened this started what was known as the TRIANGULAR TRADE between Europe, Africa, and America. They would sell things such as Slaves, Cotton, Metal, etc.
  • Mercantilism
  • Because there were so many natural resources that needed to be harvested they needed a lot of people to harvest it so they went to Africa where tribes would sell people from different tribes which started SLAVERY of African Americans.
  • The Overall Economy
  • Once the African Americans had been sold they would be brought to the MIDDLE PASSAGE where they would be put on ships where they would be cramped together and in each others filth. Then when they arrived to their destination they would be sold at an auction.
  • So because there was so much trading going on all of these different countries involved in the TRIANGULAR TRADE were making a lot of money but they also would be spending it to get natural resources but none of the countries wanted to spend money so they started a competition to see who could have the most money. This was known as MERCANTILISM.
  • Finally, because of COLONIZATION it shaped what the ECONOMY had become during that time. Every country was getting a lot of money and a lot of natural resources whether it be cotton, animals, spices, etc.