Number the Stars
Updated: 2/5/2020
Number the Stars
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  • Halt!
  • We are introduced to Annemarie Johansen and her best friend, Ellen. Ellen is Jewish. They live in Copenhagen, Denmark during the Nazi occupation.""Halte" the soldier ordered in a stern voice." (Lowry, P.2)
  • Nazis are taking over Europe, terrorizing the people they conquer. They are abducting Jewish people and murdering them, or putting them into camps. Ellen and her family are Jewish. Annemarie and her family want to help them escape the Nazis.
  • The Johansens make a plan to save the Rosens. It involves a fake funeral and Uncle Henrik's "fishing trips"."And Annemarie was quite, quite certain, though she said nothing. There was no Great-aunt Birte. She didn't exist." (Lowry, P. 73)
  • Annemarie bravely takes a secret package to her Uncle Henrik. She encounters Nazi Soldiers who taunt her and threaten her. She is able to get past them and get the very important package safely to the boat."Then they were there, in front of her. Four armed soldiers. With them, straining at taut leashes, were two large dogs, their eyes glittering, their lips curled." (Lowry, P.112)
  • Henrik is able to hide the Rosens in his boat. The Nazi dogs search the boat, but are unable to smell any people because of the handkerchief Annemarie smuggled to Henrik."Annemarie looked quickly around the familiar small boat." (Lowry, P. 119)
  • ?
  • Annemarie takes out the long-hidden Star of David necklace that had belonged to Ellen. Annemarie fondly remembers and misses her friend, but is happy that she and her family were able to safely escape to Sweden, away from the threat of the Nazis."Until then," Annemarie told him, "I will wear it myself." (Lowry, P.132)
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