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Updated: 2/7/2021
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • We shall tell Macbethhe will be Thane and king!As for Banquo he will have kings!
  • Macbeth: Fernando Manzanedo Simón
  • Macbeth Fernando Manzanedo Simón
  • Action 1
  • How can i be king someday?
  • Macbeth i can't believe what king just said ¡The prophecy is true!
  • Action 2
  • Lady Macbeth i am here to honor your husband!
  • Macbeth we hall to king Duncan,and we have to kill others to keep our place the throne!
  • Lady Macbeth, I fear our murderous deeds.
  • Action 3
  • Te 2 warriors must regain is Scotland,Macbeth is a tyrant and paranoid.
  • Action 4
  • The battle is won!Hail hail king Malcolm!They tyrant hand his friend wife are dead.
  • Action 5
  • MACBETHBy Fernando Manzanedo Simón