Unknown Story
Updated: 3/13/2020
Unknown Story

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  • The restroom incident
  • The caffeteria
  • Time to go home
  • Melba had to go to the restroom but she didnt want to because of her race. There where some white girls that told her she could go in the girls restroom because she was black. She rushed to the stall and closed the door. After she had came out there was lipstick on the mirror that said " n, go home". After she saw that she tried ignoring the fact that the incident happened.
  • Melba had just entered the cafeteria felling nearvouse. She looked at the white children and some even smiled back. She was sitting by other black students. A couple of white girls approached them and asked if they could sit with them. Melba was shocked because the girls where talking to her and treated her equally.
  • Melba's day was over and she had exited Central high. A group of soldiers had escorted her out of central high. There was a helicopter to let everyone know that the blacks where leaving. When she had finally goten into the car Sarge was driving, she felt a sigh of relief. She had arrieved home when a crowd of people with cameras and notebooks ran up to her asking questions. She was anoyed but pretended to be interested.