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  • The articles of confederation were made on November 15 ,1777, to create a weak form for government for the united states of America.Power was given to mostly the states to make laws for themselves kind of like the modern structure of the European union.The founders made this form of government to avoid giving the government too much power to avoid becoming what Great Britain
  • Rights included by the northwest ordinance includes freedom of religion, which was big for people because Great Britain forced other people to attend the Christian church, which made people that didn't attend church arrested.Slavery was outlawed in the northwest land which allowed African American men and women to settle there
  • Wow now I see how bad the Articles were.
  • One weakness of the articles of confederation was that there had to be a 9 out of 13 majority needed to pass a law.This made it almost impossible to get laws done in time for the law to be useful, and made it challenging to even pass laws in the first place.
  • Another weakness of the articles of confederation was that taxes could not be changed.This made so that debts because of the wars could not be paid off in time because of the low revenue of the Government.
  • Wow, Taxes don't suck after all
  • get the snow OFF the crops son!
  • kids these days.
  • The northwest ordinance was made to set land prices, allow statehood, and allow settlements.Statehood can be requested when your 'state' population reaches 60,000. A City can be requested when your town reaches 5,000 people and a government can be formed by those people for that territory.
  • Sorry mother!
  • Hey Tim,
  • hey Moby!
  • I want my land back!
  • Because of the status of the Government and inflation, farmers could not pay their debts for their farms. many farmers came together to riot the judicial office to serve as an eyeopener that there needs change.This opened the eyes of the rich people that there needed to be change in Government so this does not happen to them. and so that nobody would riot in such ways again.
  • There needs to be change
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