Macbeth/Chronicles of England
Updated: 4/6/2021
Macbeth/Chronicles of England

Storyboard Text

  • scene 1
  • scene 2
  • scene 3
  • Macbeth being told the whereabout of MacDuff, and Macbeth ordering troops so that they may besiege the castle.
  • scene 4
  • Macbeth and his power hunting down Macduff at the castle he was set to be.
  • scene 5
  • Macbeth murdering Macduffs family
  • Final scene
  • Macbeth declaring Macduff a traitor and confining him from his realm after murdering everyone.
  • Macduff escaping to England to ask Malcolm for help. so that he may seek revenge on Macbeth.
  • Macduff explaining how Macbeth is a tyrant ruining Scotland.