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Raston Marsh Prologue
Updated: 10/14/2020
Raston Marsh Prologue
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Storyboard Description

A brief and very broad introduction into the story of Raston Marsh's Protagonist.

Storyboard Text

  • You grew up in the tribe Zastanvar, you are the tribe leaders son/daughter it is your birthday and everyone spends that night drinking heavily while dancing around a bonfire, you go to sleep with an uncomfortable feeling and a nightmare occurs.
  • You are woken by the sounds of screaming, as you rush out your tepee with an aching hangover, you see the tepees and raptors on fire, as your bloodfamily runs in dread and terror to the entrances, they are shot by the power opposing tribe Vashgar.
  • You sprint to the escape hole, but in doing so bang your head into the logging wall above, knocking yourself unconscious into the stream line that surrounds the Zastanvar's home.
  • You wake up lying on the moist bedding next to the stream, surrounded in fog the memories of your fallen family rush back into your mind, adrenaline kicks in ignoring the pain you sprint towards the mountains.
  • You enter a cave with tears rushing down your face, you barf up whatever was left from your birthday buffet and crawl into the cave entrance with the last of your will.
  • You wake up hours later in a cold sweat, smelling of moonshine. as you look over the caverns edge a bright green light consumes all shadows in the deep seemingly unending waterfall. A voice sparks through your mind, sheering all stress and dread, you fall to your knees in exhaustion as the light speaks through your soul "Your destiny is set in place, seek my light in these seconds of need".
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