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Updated: 2/5/2021
Social Studies Project

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  • The Proclamation Of 1763
  • For The Last Time Sir, You Can't Settle Here. King's orders
  • This Is So Stupid, Just Let Me Go Past!
  • The Stamp Act Of 1765
  • We Will Not Pay Unnecessary Taxes For Food!!!
  • You Must, It Is The Law!!
  • We Will Now Make So Many Stupid Laws Passed By Our British Government And Take Away Their Freedoms And Most Importantly Rise Taxes
  • The Townshend Acts Of 1767-1768
  • Here Is The Townshend Acts!
  • The Proclamation of 1763 was established by King George III. It was a British produced boundary marked in the Appalachian Mountains, It also prohibited colonists to settle on land.
  • The Boston Massacre Of 1770
  • No Please!!!!
  • The Stamp Act Of 1765 Was The Very First Internal Tax On Early American Colonists From The British Government. It Was A Direct Tax On Them, And Was Produced On A Stamped Paper.
  • The Tea Act And Boston Tea Party Of 1773
  • The Townshend Acts Of 1767-1778 Were A Series Of Laws Approved By The British Government On Early American Colonists. It Included New Taxes, Freedoms Taken, And Higher Taxes. It Was Named After Charles Townshend Who Established It.
  • The Intolerable Acts Of 1774
  • On February 1770 British Soldiers Shot And Killed Several Citizens While Being Harassed By A Mob In Boston. Lot's Of People Were Injured, Some Has Sadly Died To Fatal Injuries.