English Civil War and Revolution
Updated: 12/22/2020
English Civil War and Revolution

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  • Queen Elizabeth dies. James I(cousin) is crowned king. James I believes in Divine Right of Kings, This means the king were given there powers by the gods. This caused tension with parliament because they thought that they should have a say in everything.
  • Charles I(son) crowned king. He also believed in Divine Right of kings. In 1628 parliament tried to limit the kings power with the petition of power, which the kings singed but later ignored because he realized how much it limited his power.
  • I am a proud catholic
  • Tension between the parliament and the king grew until 1642. This causes a civil war to break out between those who supported the king and those who supported parliament. Parliament highers Oliver Cromwell to lead there army to take over the king. Cromwell is successful and he and parliament set up a commonwealth type government. He has Charles I beheaded in public.
  • it sure was nice of your father to give us the place, hehe
  • Cromwell found it hard to work with parliament so he over through them and created a military dictatorship. He was in power until he died in 1658. Only dictatorship in English history. 
  • Charles II crowned king, son of Charles I. He did not believe in the Divine Right of Kings, but he is openly Catholic. He dies without an heir to the throne, so his brother James II is crowned king.
  • James II was very catholic also, parliament wasn't that scared until he had a son. The parliament and nobles ask William of Orange and Mary, the kings daughter to come over throw the Monarchy. He did, and was successful.He was offered the throne in reward.
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