Character crucible conflict
Updated: 2/24/2020
Character crucible conflict

Storyboard Text

  • Parris is having a conflict with Parris, She wants to kill him because he beats her but she cant say that to her so she blames it on the devil.
  • ACT 1: Character Vs Character
  • "oh how many times he bid me kill you, Mr.Parris!"
  • He is ashamed of his moral lapse and know he will face god's judgement.
  • Act 2: Character vs Himself
  • I shouldn't have cheated on my wife.
  • ACT 1: Character vs society
  • Tituba realized the only way to save herself is to admit to witchery. Admitting to witchery gives her a conflict against society.
  • who came to you with the devil? two? three, four? how many?
  • I admit to witchery, there were four, there were four!