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Updated: 1/12/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Ancient Egypt was a very important civilization.
  • The geography was mostly desert. The Egyptians relied on the Nile for water.
  • The Black Lands was an area in Egypt where the Egyptians settled do to it's good soil.
  • Hatshepsut was Egypt's first female pharaoh. She was also a very good pharaoh too, according to research. The pharaohs are at the top of the social hierarchy, with slaves at the bottom.
  • Egypt's used hieroglyphics to communicate on paper. Later on though, they simplified it to hieratic scripts. Egyptians mostly wrote stories about the gods. They were polytheists, which means to worship multiple gods.
  • Egyptians invented many things like the pyramids, shaduf, even the calendar! That's all for now! Bye!