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English Once upon a time
Updated: 10/18/2020
English Once upon a time
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  • Lines 49-65-INTRO
  • Lines 66-113
  • Don't take anyone off the street.
  • Do not take anyone off the street.
  • Lines 100-110
  • The people in the author's fairy tale live in a really nice suburb. The quote states, "They had a little boy, and they loved him very much,... They had a car and a caravan trailer, a swimming pool,..." (Gordimer 12). This shows that the family is wealthy and living "happily ever after".
  • Lines 114-138
  • The wise old witch is telling her son not to take anyone off the street. There are also riots going on. The quote states, "... they were warned, by that wise old witch,... not to take on anyone off the street... There were riots, but these were outside of the city,.. (Gordimer 13). They are fearing that the black people are bad so the witch warns them and tells them not to take anyone to their house.
  • Lines 139-192
  • The faulty alarm systems were so sensitive so it alarmed all the time and the people in the town didn't care about it anymore so the thief had a chance to get in. The quote states, "The alarm was often answered-it seemed-by other burglar alarms,... to devour everything in the refrigerator or paused audaciously to drink the whiskey in the cabinets or patio bar" (Gordimer 14). This means that the people in the neighborhood are afraid of the thieves so they put an alarm system on but it still does not prevent them from losing their belongings.
  • The End/Theme
  • Since their wall is not high enough and the cat can still jump over it, the wise old witch gave them money to build a higher wall. She also gives a book of fairy tales and a Space Man outfit for the boy. The quote states, " You are right, said the wife, then the wall should be higher. And the wise old witch, the husband’s mother, paid for the extra bricks as her Christmas present to her son and his wife—the little boy got a Space Man outfit and a book of fairy tales." (Gordimer 14). This quote shows that their fear about the black people is increasing and they can do anything to stop the black people from getting into their house.
  • After receiving money from the witch, they carefully choose the best wall and they choose the ugliest and the scariest one. After that, the cat doesn't jump in and out of the wall again. The quote states, "The husband said, Don't worry, my dear, cats always look before they leap. And it was true that from that day on the cat slept in the little boy's bed and kept to the garden, never risking a try at breaching security. " (Gordimer 16). The family 's fear went too extreme that they have to put the most dangerous wall up to protect themselves from the innocent black people.
  • In the evening, The boy's mother reads him a fairy tale story. The next day, the boy decided to be a brave prince that can get through the fence and save the princess. He died because he got tangled in the fence. The quote states, "Then the man and his wife burst wildly into the garden and... while the bleeding mass of the little boy was hacked out of the security coil with saws, wire cutters, choppers, and they carried it—the man, the wife, the hysterical trusted housemaid, and the weeping gardener—into the house. (Gordimer 16). This illustrates that the boy died because his parents never tell him how dangerous the fence is. The parent's fear of losing their belonging is even more than the fear that they will lose their son. These additions don't really protect themselves and it even kills their son.
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