Formative 4
Updated: 3/30/2021
Formative 4

Storyboard Text

  • I am magnesium the magnetic hero!
  • I have the power to make anything magnetic!
  • I can make the electrons in an atom all move the same way making an object magnetic
  • I will make the electrons in this street light rotate the same way!
  • Why did you demagnetize the street lamp!?
  • I have the power to demagnetize anything!
  • I am Antimag, the demagnetizing villain
  • No, people need magnetism in their lives!
  • Please help me I am lost! I need help navigating with my compass!
  • Done, now your compass is demagnetized! Ha Ha Ha!
  • I am going to demagnetize your compass so you will stay lost!
  • People need magnetism in their lives for things like credit cards, speakers and doors
  • Huh, I guess that it's better that things are magnetized than demagnetized, thanks for telling me!
  • Haven't I taught you anything?
  • Fear not citizen I will demagnetize your credit card for you