Dr.Bob's Science Day
Updated: 12/17/2020
Dr.Bob's Science Day

Storyboard Text

  • This is Dr.Bob and he is a scientist and he loves to teach and learn new things.
  • Dr.Bob is trying to figure out how when the baseball hits the bat the ball goes flying and changes direction but the bat does not.
  • This happen's because of Newton's second law. Newton's second law states that a force applied to an object will cause that object to accelerate, or change its speed or direction. The baseball bat applied a force to the ball, which changed the ball's speed and direction.
  • Now that Dr.Bob has his information he goes and writes it down so he remembers.
  • Now that Dr.Bob knows about Newton's second law he wants to learn about Newton's first law and he chooses to learn about it with hockey.
  • If you slide a hockey puck on ice, eventually it will stop, because of friction on the ice. It will also stop if it hits something like a player's stick or a goalpost. Dr.Bob says this is Newton's first law because an object at rest will stay at rest. He also said it has to deal with inertia which is correct as well.
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